Parker Jotter XL Matte Black Ballpoint Pen
Parker Jotter XL Matt Black Ballpoint Pen
Parker Jotter XL Matte Black Ballpoint Pen
Parker Jotter XL Matt Black Ballpoint Pen Nib
Parker Jotter XL Black Matte CT Ballpoint Pen
Personalised with name engraving Parker Jotter XL Black Ballpoint Pen

Parker Jotter XL Black Matte CT Ballpoint Pen

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Reference 2068358
Finish Richmond Black Matte CT
Ink Color Blue Ink
Trims Metal Stainless Steel
Material Stainless steel
Writing Type Ballpoint Pen
Refill Parker Ballpoint Refill
Introducing the Jotter XL Collection, a stylish range of pens with all the hallmarks of the iconic Jotter, but in a larger size. The length and diameter of the pen have been increased by 7%, offering an enjoyable writing experience for those who prefer a larger ballpoint pen. Inspired by scale, each of the distinctive Jotter XL finishes takes as its inspiration a vantage point that offers a panoramic view across London’s famous skyline to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Retaining the distinctive shape, signature arrow clip and unmistakable ‘click’ sound that have made the Jotter an authentic design classic, the Jotter XL is an everyday icon in a larger size.
The Finish
Expertly crafted iconic stainless steel body with a black matte lacquered finish and complimented by a high-shine stainless steel arrow clip.
The Trim
Polished stainless steel clip.
Presented in a Parker gift box.

Personalisation Guide

How do you personalise products?
Currently, all of our products are personalised by laser engraving.

What is laser engraving?
It is the practice of using laser beams to engrave into materials, which results in permanent marks.

What the difference between laser engraving and colour printing?
The main advantage of colour printing is that: yes, customers can choose any colour.
However, printing is susceptible to fading and will wear off over time.

With laser engraving, the colour of the marks depends on the materials of the products, therefore we have no control over the colour. However, the engraving marks will last forever (even longer than the product itself).
Engraved products are usually perceived as higher values than printed products because they are durable and
associated with eternity, especially suitable for gifts.

Which colour will the personalised text turn out?
Engraving works by removing the surface material to reveal the material underneath, therefore, the colour of the text will be the colour the metal used to make the pen.
Generally, pens with black lacquer finishes are made of brass, therefore, the engraving will be in golden colour.
Pens with stainless steel finish will engrave in grey/silver colour.

Why choose us?

Melbourne-based business

All pens are personalised / laser engraved in-house by us and fast shipped from Melbourne.

Free Personalisation - Lowest Price

We decided to make personalisation services free on all products (was  ̶$̶2̶5̶), no minimum order. Unique at Individuated.

Low Shipping Cost

$5.95 Australia wide.

$7.5 Express shipping

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